Visible Wellbeing… Can you kick it? Yes you can!

Posted by James Cummins
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Question: Where does wellbeing start?

Answer: It starts with me and it starts with you.

It commences with the intentional thought to model or share wellbeing and then this can transform into acts of wellbeing.

Where does wellbeing start at School? It starts with the educator and are we not all we educators?

We all play a role in teaching, leading, coaching, role modeling and providing and examples to our children and the people we meet.

Visible wellbeing at school starts at the school gate or the school crossing. It is visible with a genuine greeting, soft eye contact, a smile, a chat,  hand shake, high five or acknowledgement.

My heart warms when I see a teacher make wellbeing visible with their calm, engaged and honouring action of their student.

Wellbeing is in our visible actions to generate safety and security.

We can be responsible for kicking off wellbeing and it can be passed back or played forward. The reciprocal nature of wellbeing is awe-inspiring!

 We can all be the change we want to see.

 I challenge you to set the intention and act upon the wellbeing basics of a generous greeting and cultivate human connections one smile at a time.

Can you kick it?

Yes you can!



  • Esther Kwok

    Dear Lea,
    Hello from Hong Kong. Thank you for your teaching at PESA Conference.

    I am organizing a Positive Education Conference on 20 June 2018 at The Education University of Hong Kong. I absolutely agree with the philosophy of VWB.

    Back after PESA, I decided to the theme & nameof our local conference to “Cultivate the Visible Well-being”. We love to hear from you and gain further support on how to fine tune it. Also looking forward for the guides on how to collaborate between EdUHK, HK local school and your centre in future. Thank you so much Lea.

    Kind bless,
    Esther Kwok
    Senior Lecturer

    • James Cummins

      Thank you Esther,
      I would love to contribute! Please keep me posted and all the best on this wonderful Pos Ed and Wellbeing journey!

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