About James


I was born and raised in country NSW, lived in the city and now reside on the central coast with my wife and little family. From an early age, living on a farm, I realised if it was to be, then it was up to me! I worked and saved for a second hand ‘Malvern Star’ push bike and this was my ticket to independence, but I had pay a price. Heat waves danced in the distance and I took a sip from my warm water bottle as I rode through the patches of cracked and melting road. I remember experiencing the feeling of achievement and pleasure. I would cycle to school, to sport, to see my friends and even ride to do part time jobs. Self-determination helped me become more aware of my environment and the skills required to achieve goals. I realised I had to put in the effort and do the work!

Involvement in physical activity and sport proved to be a social medium for me, enabling me to overcome geographical and social isolation. It helped build life skills of self-efficacy, developing healthy relationships, independence and positive purpose. This personal pathway of discovering my physical potential also helped identify my cognitive capacity and I experienced ‘skill transfer’. Through my physical pursuits, I learned about planning, time management, innovation, teamwork and creating solutions. A flat tyre, 10 km out of town requires a back up plan or two! With the help of tutors, teachers and coaches I began to transfer these skills to my studies and academic performances started to improve. My career pathway led me to teach, coach and present in some of the best schools in Australia and England. It opened doors for travel, cultural experience and voluntary work in Africa.

Today, I continue to successfully encourage people from all walks of life to embrace the spirit of play and movement, embed skills of positive psychology and increase levels of health, mindfulness and happiness. When I am not pursuing my mission in life (learning and teaching positive education), I can be found in my local community. Surfing on my stand up paddleboard, beach running, playing ukulele, coaching rugby and enjoying the company and precious time with my beautiful wife and kids.

About James


  • Bachelor of Social Science, Human Movement and Recreation (Charles Sturt University, Bathurst)
  • Diploma of Education – Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (Australian Catholic University, Sydney)
  • Diploma of Positive Psychology (Langley Institute, Sydney)
  • Member of Positive Education Schools Association
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist (Exercise and Sports Science Australia, ESSA)