SMS (Stress Management Strategies)

SMS (Stress Management Strategies)

Years 3-12

60 Р120 minutes

SMS (Stress Management Strategies)

SMS provides students with the opportunity to learn and apply stress management tips, tools and techniques.

We all experience stress and it can be described as feeling under pressure, overwhelmed or being worried.

Stress can also be useful in motivating us to complete a task or improve our performance.

However, stress can cause distress and have negative impacts on our health wellbeing and performance. It is important to enable students to identify this and broaden their coping skills and capacity to manage stress.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the different types of stress
  • Identify warning signs and triggers of stress
  • Develop awareness of self talk patterns
  • Practice relaxation and mindfulness strategies
  • Develop flourishing health habits to manage stress

A SMS playbook accompanies this program and guides self-directed learning throughout the day and can be kept for personal, tutor and family reflection.

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