Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

School community, parents, friends, carers

2.5 hours

Positive Parenting

The Positive Parenting Project provides parents and care givers with the opportunity to experience positive education principles, concepts and skills.

In doing so parents and carers can significantly increase the health, wellbeing and resilience levels of their children.

In this engaging and entertaining keynote, participants will learn about the following objectives:

  • Introduction to positive psychology principles and positive education
  • Introduction and application of mindfulness
  • Identify character strength
  • Support emotional and social learning
  • Role model positive health and wellbeing
  • Nurture a growth mindset with optimistic and flexible thinking styles

Additional benefits:

  • Creating a shared dialogue between parent and child
  • Creating a shared dialogue between parent and school
  • Promoting inclusivity, belonging and connectedness
  • Strengthening parenting networks

The Positive Parenting Project collaborates with educational and clinical psychologists and Allied Health professionals to create a bespoke presentation or program to suit the specific needs of your school.

An example of this is James’ recent collaboration with Ms Jaye Blofwitch and Dr John Irvine of The Read Clinic. The trio developed and delivered a keynote seminar on effective parenting, mindfulness, cyber safety and digital citizenship.

A Positive Parenting Project playbook accompanies this program and guides self-directed learning throughout and can be kept for personal and family reflection.

For more information on a bespoke Positive Parenting Project presentation package please contact: bookings@positivityproject.com.au