About TPP Programs

The Positivity Project is the umbrella term for a series of positive education programs designed to teach and embed the skills of optimal functioning, wellbeing and flourishing.

All programs within The Positivity Project are built upon evidence-based research in the field of positive psychology, mindfulness and best practice teaching methodology.

Utilising mediums of play, music, mindfulness, dance and performance, participants engage and embed the theoretical concepts of positive education.

The pillars of The Positivity Project are built upon the following core components:

  • Play as a fundamental and enjoyable medium of learning and a catalyst for improved physical, social, emotional and cognitive development
  • Emotional and social literacy, creating positive health habits, developing personal purpose and character strength identification
  • Awareness and application involving the physiology and psychology of stress, calmness and optimal performance
  • Learning and applying the skills of mindfulness, decision making and solution creation
  • Experiencing educational learning activities to develop increased levels of awareness, resilience, flexible mindsets and learned optimism
  • Discovering the benefits of purposeful engagement, contribution and enhanced performance


The Positivity Project programs are based upon the foundations of positive psychology and
positive education and will compliment and reinforce a school’s established culture, context and existing pastoral care plans.

  • Positive Education

    Positive Education

    The Positive Education Project is designed provide positive education solutions. These solutions include the delivery of keynotes, seminars, staff development, consultations and whole school approaches.

    Educators, Wellness Coordinators, Directors
    Consultancy, Keynotes, Staff Development

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  • Positive Parenting

    Positive Parenting

    Designed to provide parents and care givers with the opportunity to experience positive education principles, concepts and skills.

    School community, parents, friends, carers

    2.5 hours

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  • The Art of Play

    The Art of Play

    Designed to provide the students with opportunity to participate in positive education experiences and play based skill acquisition exercises.

    Years 3-12

    1 day or modified 1/2 day

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  • MMM (Modern Masculinity and Mindfulness)

    MMM (Modern Masculinity and Mindfulness)

    Designed to explore the concepts of masculinity, identity, resilience, positive health habits, positive decision-making and mindfulness.

    Boys & young men. Years 5-12

    60 minutes or modified /½ day


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  • SMS (Stress Management Strategies)

    SMS (Stress Management Strategies)

    Designed and modified specifically for the developmental stage and age of the group.

    Years 3-12

    60 – 120 minutes

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  • HSC


    The Positivity Project has designed specific seminars and workshops for senior students.  Within the HSC project there are three distinct programs. - HSC Transition Time - PDHPE HSC lecture series - Allied Health Professional Pathway

    Years 11-12

    60 – 120 minutes

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