Why The Positivity Project?


May I ask you a question? What is it, you want most for your children, family, friends or students in your care?

I am a father of two and when I think of my children and their future, I am eager for them to be happy and healthy. I also want to help them develop the skills to become confident decision makers, solution seekers and have the capacity to handle adversity and posses an adaptable mindset.  I want for them to flourish.

I want this for my children, my family and people in my life. I also want this for you, your family and the children in your care.

The principles of positive psychology and positive education have the capacity when applied to encourage a community to become more resilience, optimistic and happier.

Cultivating positive emotion is contagious and I love what I do! This is why The Positivity Project exists.

I am deeply connected to The Positivity Project and to the design and delivery of positive education programs. I have a proven track record of facilitating engaging, meaningful and enjoyable positive education programs to schools.

The concepts of the programs offered by The Positivity Project are simple, meaningful, applicable and grounded and in the latest evidence based research.

I am authentic, easy to deal with and determined to ensure your school or organisation will benefit from my collaboration and involvement your positive education journey.

I add a fresh, grounded and holistic approach with a subtle blend of ‘positive edutainment’.

In designing and delivering positive education programs I have a diverse experience in collaborating with students, teachers, leadership teams, principals, parents and allied health professionals.

I welcome the opportunity to meet you and collaborate to create a specific positive education program, keynote, training package or retreat day to encourage your student’s and staff to experience enhanced levels of health, wellbeing and improved performance.

For more information on why you would choose The Positivity Project please contact: bookings@positivityproject.com.au