MMM (Modern Masculinity and Mindfulness)

MMM (Modern Masculinity and Mindfulness)

Boys & young men. Years 5-12

60 minutes or modified /½ day


MMM (Modern Masculinity and Mindfulness)

‘MMM’ is a positive educational program designed and delivered to improve a student’s capacity to thrive and flourish.

‘MMM’ takes an enjoyable, empowering and proactive perspective to explore the traditional and modern day meanings of masculinity.

A ‘MMM’ tool kit is unpacked and students are enabled to improve their understanding of masculinity, identity, resilience, positive health and optimal functioning life a male.

Students will learn to:

  • Learn traditional and modern ideals of masculinity
  • Develop an appreciation of the transition period from boyhood to manhood
  • Learn how to cultivate emotional awareness and appropriate emotional expression
  • Identify signature character strength in self and others
  • Create positive health habits and proactive self care principles
  • Develop the capacity for becoming responsible community and digital citizens
  • Develop optimistic, flexible and growth mindsets and thinking styles
  • Learn and apply practical mindfulness exercises and techniques

A ‘Balance Book’ accompanies this program and guides self-directed learning throughout the day and can be kept for personal, tutor and family reflection.

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