Years 11-12

60 – 120 minutes


The Positivity Project has designed specific seminars and workshops for senior students.  Within the HSC project there are three distinct programs.

  • HSC Transition Time
  • PDHPE HSC lecture series
  • Allied Health Professional Pathway

Duration: 60 – 120 minutes
Audience: Years 11 and 12 students

The Positivity Project has designed a HSC specific seminar designed to assist with the successful transition from Year 11 to Year 12 and beyond.

This seminar will investigate career pathway planning to dovetail with a student’s positive purpose, interests, existing skill set and importance of proactive planning.

Program name: PDHPE
Duration: 60 – 120 minutes
Audience: Years 11 and 12 PDHPE students

The Positivity Project is running a series of in-class PDHPE seminars designed to align with the NSW Board of Studies PDHPE 6 Syllabus. The following popular seminars are available.

PDHPE Stage 6 Prelimary Course:
8.1 Better Health for Individuals
8.4 Composition and Performance
8.5 Fitness Choices

PDHPE Stage 6 HSC Course:
9.1 Health Priority Areas in Australia
9.2 Factor Affecting Performances
9.3 Health of Young People
9.5 Sports Medicine
9.6 Improving Performance

Duration: 60 minutes
Audience: Years 11 and 12 students

The Positivity Project can also deliver a powerful presentation on professional career pathways from PDHPE to Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Scientist and other Allied Health Professions.

Presenter bio:
James Cummins is an experienced PDHPE teacher and former Head of Department and has taught HSC PDHPE and A Level PE in schools. He has lectured at the University of Newcastle in the school of Exercise and Sports Science.

James is also Accredited Exercise Physiologist (MESSA) and Exercise Scientist working in clinical, community and sport settings.

On a daily basis James is working with clients who fit into the National Health Priority Areas framework & is actively implementing the Action Areas of the Ottawa Charter.

Exercise science clients have included:

  •  Central Coast Academy of Sport  (Basketball, Netball, Swimming and Surfing)
  •  Australian Rugby Union (ARU) Junior Gold pathway program

For more information on HSC program please contact: bookings@positivityproject.com.au