The Art of Play

The Art of Play

Years 3-12

1 day or modified 1/2 day

The Art of Play

‘The Art of Play’ program provides students and staff with the opportunity to experience positive education concepts, principles and skills.

‘The Art of Play’ is a fusion of positive education and play-based learning experiences. The definition of ‘play’ is explored and applied by students in the context of possessing the ability and skill to balance the various demands and challenges encountered in life.

Students will participate in a variety of creative performance-based activities, circle time discussions, personal and group reflections, guided mediations and attempt physical and cognitive skill acquisition challenges.

Students will learn to:

  • Learn to cultivate positive emotions and relationships
  • Identify signature character strength in self and others
  • Develop optimistic, flexible and growth mindsets ad thinking styles
  • Create positive health habits and proactive self care principles
  • Improve concentration and focus by identifying requirements to experience states of ‘flow’
  • Learn and apply practical mindfulness exercises and techniques
  • Apply positive goal setting

A ‘Play Book’ accompanies this program and guides self-directed learning throughout the day and can be kept for personal, tutor and family reflection.

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