The 90 Day COVID-19 Positivity Project Challenge

Posted by James Cummins
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The 90 Day COVID-19 Positivity Project Challenge

“Who’s coming with me?”

In Australia we have been handed a COVID-19 90 day lock down challenge; do this well and we may receive an early mark? If we get it wrong, the consequences are severe.

During the upcoming 90 day self cocooning stage, I am setting the goals of showing up for my family and friends, being my best self and ultimately emerging as a healthier and more resilient person on the other side.

To achieve these goals I am setting a variety of challenges every day for 90 days and I would love for you to join me on the journey! This challenge is for all of us.

The 90 Day Challenge will most likely resemble a Harry Potter Hogwort’s moveable feast, full of content, chat, posts, vlogs, musings, music and movement supported by a continuum of positive psychology interventions, applied wellbeing science and positive education principles.

What is in it for you? 

Well, firstly you can hang out with me and The Positivity Project! Even better you can share your journey, help others and continue to learn some pretty awesome wellbeing skills  and positive psychology interventions along the way. 

You can be a source of inspiration through your intentions, actions and participation and together we create and cultivate a community supporting each other through the next 90 days and beyond! 

So, let’s dive in and be the change we want to see! 

Positive regards, 


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