Dads 13. A room of Dads sharing how ‘To DAD’.

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Dads 13… A room of Dads sharing how ‘To DAD’.

Last night was a special opportunity to create a space where Dads could share, express and have some time to actively reflect and construct.

We had amazing experience in the room, ranging from Grandfathers to new Dads with toddlers and the feeling of ‘we are all in it together’ and we can be ‘empowered with skills’ and ‘we are not alone’ was established.

The men shared openly and supported each other on our fatherhood journeys.

Special mention and gratitude to Kell and Matt for your efforts, presence and sincere sharing.  You being there amplified the importance of starting the conversation, sharing lived experiences and reinforcing St. Brendan’s lived vision.

I would also like to express my gratitude in being asked to facilitate last night’s session and congratulate St. Brendan’s on supporting the wellbeing and mental health of the Dads, Mums, Carers and Children.

It is special and vitally important to create a space and opportunity for men (and all of us) to share, express, connect and learn together. Well done Rebecca on creating this opportunity.

I will send through a pdf of the keynote with a list of references and supports to be shared, as the Dads were hungry for more!

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