The importance of being a Buddy during school inductions days.

Posted by James Cummins
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The importance of being a Buddy during school inductions days.

 Have you ever been lost?  Lost in a supermarket, at school, a playground, in the city, at the beach or in the bush? Have you ever missed the bus or waited for the pick up from school or sport and it didn’t arrive on time or arrive at all? How did you feel?

I remember being lost, it was my first day as a new student in Year 9.

Despite trying to be brave and self-talk my way into feeling ok, I began to feel uncertain, uncomfortable and overwhelmed.

My brain becoming confused with unhelpful thoughts and my breathing rate was speeding up as my heart began to pump hard and fast. I had been lost before and I had felt this feeling before so I knew I would be ok, but at that moment I was beginning to freak out.

If felt like I was lost in the woods!

Thankfully, I took a slow and steady breath, feeling my heart and belly trembling as I did.

As I continued to ‘slow breathe’ my chest relaxed and my mind felt clear.

I began to feel ok and in more control of my body and my mind.

I was just about to ask for help when a boy came up to me and said  “Hey mate, my name is Sam. I’m your buddy and I will show you around!”

James Cummins is the founder of The Positivity Project.

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