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Posted by James Cummins
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I genuinely attempt to live up to the self appointed title of a ‘Purveyor of Positivity’ on a daily basis and aspire to optimistically celebrate character strengths, cultivate healthy emotions, practice mindfulness daily, create helpful connections with the people I meet.

My desire to pursue a career in teaching began almost 20 years ago with the studying of a Bachelor of Social Science (CSU) being exposed to the subjects of psychology and sociology. Being fascinated about the science of the mind, cultural change and human behaviour, I pursued studies in Organisational Management & Behaviour, HRM, Marketing, Health and Education.

This quest for knowledge intensified and desire to coach and educate illuminated with the completion of a post graduate Diploma of Education (PD/H/PE) and subsequent experience as a classroom teacher, sports coach, house coordinator, school reflection day facilitator and Head of Department.

After teaching abroad, I returned home to the sunny shores of NSW, Australia and pursued a career as an Allied Health Professional, successfully achieving accreditation as an Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist. I provide clinical exercise interventions and behaviour change education programs for patients (ranging in ages from six to 96 years with a diagnosis of chronic health conditions. A chronic disease is present for 6 months or  more and has an impact on a person’s ability to fully function. I use ‘exercise as medicine’ and  implement ‘positive behaviour change’ programmes to assist people suffering from the following chronic health conditions;  Mental Illness (PTSD, Anxiety, Depression), Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Arthritis, Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, ADD and ODD. I have also found the  prescription of  mindfulness exercises and positive psychology principles enable better health outcomes.

This brings us to the present day and the evolution of The Positivity Project and providing Positive Education solutions.  I have the experience of presenting at large conferences on the topics of Wellbeing, Chronic Disease Management, Positive Psychology, Positive Education and Mindfulness and also the designing and delivering of wellbeing solutions to a diverse range of clients and educational settings.

Attending and presenting the recent PESA 2018 ‘Connect’ conference provided me the opportunity to experience the climate of wellbeing excellence at Geelong Grammar School and to meet some of the key educators within the domain of Positive Education.  In addition to learning from the best of the best, it was great to contribute to something bigger than myself and reflect on our ability to make a dent in the universe!


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