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Posted by James Cummins
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In this blog post I have a crack at cultivating creativity… Pos Ed  (Positive Education) style! 

Journalling has longed been held as a effective and efficient medium to foster creativity, enhance cognitive processing, social and emotional development and increase communications skills. Children start to learn how to use a journal early in their academic career and adults return to this classic craft.

This little journal piece is inspired by the ‘One wave is all it takes’ foundation and how mindfulness  movement (mind, body and soul exercise) enables heightened levels of wellbeing and optimal functioning.

Enjoy my mindful musings…

“One wave is all it takes.” 

I have heard this line before and I have spoken these words to myself quietly and aloud. “One Wave is all it take.”  

In my roles as a Pos Ed Practitioner and Accredited Exercise Scientist, I have promoted the benefits to strangers, clients and friends alike and I have felt the empower and mindful magic of having a surf.

I believe in this movement and mind based mantra (“One wave is all it takes”) and spruke it’s upward spiralling wellbeing qualities. 

But not lately, I have not been in the aqua ‘one waving it’. Nor have I been practicing my preach. I have been exercising my excuses. “The surf is too flat, too big, too cold, not right, too much work and I have too much to do today and tomorrow.”

It is I, not the surf which has not been right. in fact, dare I say, I have been wrong and amplifying this stinking thinking. In times of perceived stressed and overwhelm, mindful movement is needed the most.  The exercise is the medicine.

The mantra is true, “One wave is all it takes.” 

This realisation smacked me in the face like the harsh crisp morning water and as soon as I submerged into the cool currents my mind and body opened and I, christened with the bliss living in the Pacifica!  

As the little Avoca autumn foam rolled my way, the opportunity to fly was awe – inspiring and the potential to glide, turn and float overwhelming. And within the salty water and sunlight stained wave  window “IT” happened.

 I ‘reelaxxxxedddd’ and became aware of my inhale and exhale. As simple and complicated as that!

And in these moments of awareness and breathing, the city commute choke released and country dry dust washed away, no longer caking and cracking my skin or toxicating my lungs and brain. 

The muscle tension of stress and constant demand and expectation was released and as I let go and it let go, I playfully danced on my board as it daringly danced with the gathering potential. 

Bliss levels increased as my little surfer ‘yewwww’ endorphins raced through my blood streamed and I laughed and squealed  again and again.

And I meditated on the mantra… “One Wave is all it takes.”

Positive Vibes,

James Cummins

The Positivity Project


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