Three of my favourite things… (Positive Education)

Posted by James Cummins
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At a recent Early Childhood Educators conference I was asked to prepare a keynote on the following theme:

How to use mindfulness, play and movement to enable resilience and improve wellbeing in children.

Please enjoy the framework of this presentation.


1. Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Scientist providing clinical exercise and behaviour change interventions for children with chronic health conditions
2. Teacher and sports coach for children
3. Positive Education & Wellbeing program provider for children & school communities

Intention: Today I want to discuss and demonstrate three skills children and adults can learn, practice and master to enhance levels of wellbeing and resilience.

These skills are:

1. Mindfulness

2. Play

3. Movement

Examples from the following sources will be used to illustrate the teaching of Mindfulness, Play and Movement skills.

The Optimistic Child Prof Martin Seligman
Smiling Mind,
Meditation Capsules, by Janet Etty-Leal,
Mindfulness by Mark Williams and Danny Penman
The Yes Brain Child by Dr Daniel J Siegal &  Dr Tina Payne Bryson

GRIT Angela Duckworth

Rock and Water Freerk Ykema,


Reggio Emilia,

Dr Stuart Shanker

Question: What is it you want most for your children and the children in your care?

Question: Why do you want this?

Question: How do you provide these goals, opportunities or experience in your unique educational settings or family?

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