PESA (Positive Education Schools Association) Conference 2017

Posted by James Cummins


Attending the recent PESA (Positive Education Schools Association) Conference 2017 hosted by Ravenswood I was excited to see a focus upon cultivating a flourishing individual and community through the pursuits of “hard goals” and “GRIT”.

Character education has it’s origin with the ancient Greek philosophers and many a lesson was targeting the ability to choose noble goals and apply brain and braun and strive with authentic effort.

It is refreshing to listen and learn from Positive Education academics and practitioners  discuss their research findings and wholeheartedly promote the benefits of falling, failing and striving for better things.

Another key theme was the importance of cultivating supportive connections, from a micro level to the macro level. So when the falling and failing occurs there is the skill and ability to ask for help, seek new solutions and feel enabled with a keen and kind support crew.

We all play a role in mentoring, role modelling and being present.

I love playing this role!

Positive Vibes,


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