Supporting the Positive Education journey at home

Posted by James Cummins
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At a recent School Wellbeing Launch I was asked to present on the following question:

“How do I support the Wellbeing and Positive Education journey at home?”

This is a great question and conversation to have!

Like all projects, let us start the the beginning, a very good place to start! (Sorry, Sound of Music… I just love signing that one!)

Self care is the place to start.

Can you find ways to nourish your health and wellbeing? Can you practice ways to nourish your health and wellbeing?

If you can and if you do, your children will begin to see you radiate and your light shine! You will become the Wellbeing beacon.

The positive example of self care will enable you and your family to see and feel the benefits of being well (wellbeing). So, start with you.

Be and sustain the change you would like to see. One small sustainable change is… sleep!

If you improve sleep habits and quality of sleep you will become recharged, refreshed and ready to go!

More on sustaining health habits later.

Below you will find  specific tips designed to support the wellbeing and positive education journey with your family.

  • Reflection time. Take time to sit and share as a team and family.
  • Three Blessings or WWW (What Went Well). Express gratitude at meal time.
  • Posture “Let your light shine.” Support yourself with a positive posture.
  • Mindful walk and talk
  • Gratitude journal, wall or letter
  • Growth mindset
  • Health = relaxation techniques
  • Positivity Projects

So there you have it,  a few techniques to trial, succeed and error! Readjust accordingly and please share your suggestions and experiences!

Positive Vibes


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