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All dressed up in my favourite jeans and shirt, I am excited by the prospect of feeling and looking good! However, I have a nagging uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, something is not quite right.
Actually, the feeling is not in my stomach, it is my stomach! My favourite jeans, do not feel so favourite anymore, in fact they feel a little too tight.
My shirt is tight too, across the chest and shoulders. Now, if I had have been strength training to achieve this goal I would be happy, but this extra bulk is not something I have been consciously working towards. This feeling is starting to get me down! I ask myself, how has this happened?

I can admit I have been eating like a champion athlete, but not training like one! The combination of less exercise, an increase in comfort eating and less sleep has directly contributed to this change in my body shape! These changes in lifestyle habits have influenced my health and added directly to my waist circumference. Not only has there been an increase in body weight, it has been reported I am snoring. Talk about adding insult to injury!

If I keep traveling on ‘Tubby Hubby’ road, I will continue to put on weight and not only will I feel uncomfortable, I will also become unhealthy.  The ability to keep up with my kids, wife and work will be compromised.

In a moment of clarity, I realise I have the power to make a change and I am in control of what I eat and how much I exercise.  I am the captain of ‘Team Me’ and it is time again to take charge and lead by example.

I place pen to paper and write down some goals. I have a long-term goal of improving my status update from ‘Tubby Hubby’ to ‘Father Fitness!’
In order to achieve this status, I will break the big goal into smaller bites. I will keep an exercise and food journal and track how much I move and what I eat. Awareness is the key to improved health, if I am fully aware of what goes into my mouth and how much I move, I can make better choices!

My fitness map involves a significant change of finding 30-60 minutes of physical activity in my day and eating smaller meals on a smaller plate. I will also measure and map my progress for 8 weeks using my journal. It will be slow and steady but I am in this race for the long term.

This is where newfound motivation can hit a few roadblocks; injuries, lack of motivation or lack of results can sabotage any progress.
However, set backs can be interpreted as a positive opportunity to build and test resilience. In order to maintain momentum on my journey I will I need to be flexible and go with the flow, therefore I have decided to involve my family in my fitness and eating plan. I have scheduled in riding the bike with the kids, doing body weight exercises on the playground equipment and not eating their left overs!

Just like that champion athlete, I will require a support team. I will enlist the support of those closest to me, my wife and children and also a few mates to train and play with. If required, I also have the support and back up my GP who can access professional medical team members, such as a coach, psychologist, dietician and or exercise physiologist. Support on this improved health and fitness journey is paramount. In order to change behaviour I need the confidence, urgency, knowledge and tools to make the change and make the change last.
With the creation of my team and heighten awareness of my role as team captain I am ready to start winning. Wish me luck!

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