Positive Education

Positive Education

What do you most want for your child or children?

For, me my answer for my children and the students I work with is Wellbeing.


Learning and practicing the knowledge and skills to self manage and nourish one’s physical, social, spiritual, emotional and mental health is crucial in our world.

Given the high rates of poor mental health in our community and rapid rate of change, we all require the skills to enable positive health to broaden and build our capacity to not only survive life’s challenges, but to thrive and flourish.

Stress, tension and fatigue can deplete our vitality, our ability to function and our ability make meaningful contributions to family and community.

Practicing wellbeing enables us to feel good and function well and through this example we can begin or continue to teach our children how to be healthy, happy and resilient.

Together, with the school and community we can empower each other and our children with the skills of wellbeing.


This is one of the reasons ‘why’, I do what I do.


Positive regards,