Question: Why would we want to practice mindfulness?




Answer: To reduce the impact of stress.

As humans we are experiencing alarming rates of stress. The speed of life, instant messaging, the trend of instant gratification, an ever increasing ability “to see more, do more and be more” is having a noticeable impact.
Poor health levels continue to rise.

Like the rising seas of climate change? Are our levels of stress, depression and anxiety heating the planet?

Possessing the ability to mindful is an “enabler”.

Practicing the skill of mindfulness can enable us to buffer and build our capacities to tolerate stress and exhibit the signs of living a thriving and flourishing life.  A life where we can contribute to our lives and the lives of others in a meaningful, creative  and helpful way.

Developing an improved state of consciousness can enable us to make better decisions about our health and the practices and habits enhancing our wellbeing.

Overwhelmed by mindfulness?

Take a breath. And another and one more. Did you feel that? Can you notice a slowing down of your breathing rate? Can you notice a sense of calmness?

I want you to engage in the mindfulness of breathing. Keep it simple, keep it slow and steady. Start with an inhale and process by letting it all out with an exhale. And repeat.

As The Positivity Project embarks on new and exciting school and parent based projects for Term Three,  we are reminded of the fundamental skill of mindfulness as an ‘enabler’ to thriving and flourishing wellbeing. As we embark upon our quest, we commence with a purposeful breath.

Mindful of breathing.

Positive regards,

Jimmy C purveyor of The Positivity Project